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AGILE & SCRUM – Sharing experiences
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We are proud of our teams which are consisted of bright, competent people empowered to deliver the best and share their knowledge with others.

With a goal to transfer knowledge and to share experiences and ideas, we use to hold internal events at our offices, in order to give a detailed presentation on the newest processes and techniques used in working with Agile & Scrum and how to adapt the daily activities in order for everything to work smoothly.

“Most developers already know what Scrum is, but maybe they’ve never used it in their development process, or they’ve been using it, but without much success. The core of this presentation is to show how we are using Scrum and how we changed it so it can fit our purposes. We tried to explain why we did some of the changes, like, why we use pen-and-paper-board, why we introduced speaking token and so on. We think that by telling these stories we may encourage our colleagues to start using Scrum or help others that are already using it. Finally, we also hope to gather feedback so we can continue improving our Scrum process.”- Carlos Fernández, Senior iOS Software Engineer.

We use to explain the principles of Agile and Scrum methodologies, the way we use our Scrum board, what is a sprint, stages of a task etc. Also an interesting discussion is on using regular white boards vs. using digital board and on how to coordinate the tasks between the team members.

“Something to point out is that the presentation is interesting and useful for everyone, not just for software developers. The discussion caught my attention and encouraged me to research more on the subject.”- Pedro Sánchez, Senior Firmware Engineer.

After every presentation, we have an interesting discussion with a Q&A session and many interesting ideas shared accompanied by some sweets and drinks.

“The presentation is very useful for each team role included during the software development. Also, during the discussion we share various experiences using Scrum methodology on other projects and teams. And finally there is a time for socializing and getting to know with the colleagues.”- Samuel Fernández, Software Engineer.

We hope to continue having these transfer knowledge activities, so any event is open for everyone who wants to participate, from beginners to professionals, but not only in the IT industry. As we learned, these methodologies can be used in many areas, even in accounting!

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