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Why a career at innoXess?


innoXess has pioneered a unique business model in Switzerland and Spain, where employees have direct communication with a client and are equal to clients’ onshore colleagues affecting this way the product and business approaches of our clients.

Our business model is unlike any traditional software outsourcing alternative because we deliver direct communication with our clients and nearshore colleagues due to the flat management structure. This results in opportunities to impact various decisions, project trust and transparency, freedom and responsibility.



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Our general ethos is to facilitate self-driven peer-to-peer learning environment which would suit employees in a very diverse and fast changing world of innoXess Clients’ teams. innoXess’ size and unique model of cooperation with Clients running numerous near-shore teams provides a very good basis for active knowledge-sharing, development of practice leaders (or interest) groups , and organizing of knowledge-sharing events open to outside world.

Our emphasis is on self-driven knowledge-sharing. We call it Practice Leaders Movement, which unites both employees and clients. The big idea behind this is that having 50+ IT specialists within innoXess team and 20+ clients in our partner network, we form the huge network for knowledge upgrade and sharing.

Direct communication.

Direct communication with the client and onshore colleagues drives our corporate culture which is based on shared responsibility, openness and trust.

Flat management.

As the company with flat management organizational structure, we motivate our employees to manage their work more independently and choose optimal ways how their working time will be spent.


Creating transparency around our core values, we can easily resolve issues and share information to keep up morale and clarify any possible confusions. Timely communication helps us to resolve issues as they happen.

By cultivating the feedback culture we constantly create even more enjoyable, constructive and supporting work environment.

Freedom and Trust.

By providing autonomy to employees with regards on how they spend their time and by letting them to set their own goals, we are able to foster a greater sense of ownership and ensure higher performance.