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Think of a strong, competent set of software engineers, QA specialists, and project managers, capable of implementing your project, anticipating your needs and delivering on schedule.

innoXess Extended Team is your own IT team mirrored in Switzerland or Spain, and completely aligned with your strategic business goals.

Linux System Engineer / System Administrator
C/C++ Programmer in the Unix/Linux context
Middleware and Cloud Software Engineer
Spontaneous application



In the First Stage, innoXess will speak with you about your background and experience, as well as your career expectations and ambitions. We will then talk over your advantages and disadvantages in order to find the most suitable vacancy. You will then take a short technical test and receive your score.


At the Second Stage, innoXess will set up a meeting with your future Project Manager or a client to give you details on the project and the team. You will have the opportunity to tell us about your plans and your interests and determine if they can be fulfilled on this team.


In the Final Stage, we will determine together if you would like to begin working with innoXess. We will agree on the working and financial conditions, build your PC or choose a laptop and start your career at innoXess. We will agree when you start working with innoXess.